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Sexual Abuse Advocacy and Educational Consulting

Welcome to a safe place Memu McCoy, where knowledge, intervention and prevention of child sexual abuse is a priority.

Memu McCoy is a global advocate for education reform and empowerment through skills training. She has dedicated her life to make the world a safer and better place for all children, and to honor every victim/survivor of sexual violence by speaking out.

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Motivation & Empowerment

Memu’s story proves the power of perseverance as a path to healing, recovering and discovering oneself. She is available for speaking engagements at conferences and seminars on topics related to child sexual abuse, domestic violence and trauma recovery. 

Mentorship & Guidance

Memu has over 10 years of experience in mentoring individuals of all age groups and various cultural backgrounds through educational, career and social skill development. Sharing her journey or survival and success, she mentors  teens and adults seeking their GED, and pursuing academic and career advancement.  

Workshops & Education

 With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and her unique experience as a survivor, Memu is a dynamic facilitator for organizations seeking to understand the issues and create a culture of prevention. 

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I believe parents are children’s primary protectors and first teachers. It is our responsibility to teach all children about their body parts and how special they are. It is our duty to protect all children from sexual predators. I wrote this interactive guide to engage parents and children in discussing their precious body parts and preventing child sexual abuse.

My hope is for you to personalize the teachings with your child and to create an environment of trust and open conversations regarding disclosing inappropriate touch and/or sexual abuse.

According to Darkness to Light website (February 2019), a non-profit organization that is committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse, 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before age 18. If a child you know is experiencing sexual abuse, in the United States, its territories, and Canada, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1800-4-A-CHILD. The Hotline is available 24 hours.

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“As a Clinician, who has worked with children for over 6 years, I highly recommend this book as a tool to start the conversation with your young clients about body safety.”

– Zota K., 5-Star Customer Review

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